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See the Advantage

  • Meeting The Demand

    To meet the increasing need from our customers for more information on materials, tool wear analysis, and faster response time, Element Six has developed an answer for these requirements.

  • State of the Art

    Using a state of the art, automated camera system, Element Six can analyze tool mode failures faster and more accurately than before in a lab environment.

  • Ahead of the Competition

    Whether it is in developing the industry’s best super hard materials or evaluating tool wear while machining customer supplied material, Element Six can provide detailed information to help customers stay ahead of the competition in today’s market.

  • cutting shop redesigned

    To further support the fast paced environment we all operate in, Element Six has redesigned the materials cutting shop, located in Shannon, IRE.

  • Faster Than Ever Before

    This allows Element Six & ServSix US to deliver almost any requirement needed, with pre-cut segments provided to our customers quicker than ever before.

  • largest scale EDM

    At your disposal is the industry’s largest scale EDM and laser cutting facility.

  • highest quality guaranteed

    Complete quality control through the end-to-end process guarantees the highest quality product to meet customer expectations.

  • cost effective

    This provides a practical option for tool makers and end users.

Our state of the art system can analyze tool mode failures faster & more accurately