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The Next Generation of PCBN Performance

  • Ultra-pure binder, free from impurities

    PureCut™ uses a unique ultra-pure binder – a redesign of PCBN to eliminate impurities.

  • Nano particle size binder structure

    Binder particles used in PureCut™ are 100x smaller than conventional PCBN.

  • Optimized CBN grain size distribution

    Cracks deflect, causing them to travel a longer path before fracturing.

Example of Application Test results against leading competitors.


SPEED: 150 m/m normal speed & 220 m/m high speed
FEED: 0.11 mm/rev
DEPTH OF CUT: 0.15mm
EDGE PREP: DHA650 SNMN090408S01525 hone 17.5um
Tool life criteria is catastrophic failure of the cutting edge.

Ground Breaking Technology! PureCut™…
The Next Generation of PCBN